Mission Statement

To Promote the Health, Safety, and General Welfare of the Citizens of Barnwell County at the Least Possible Cost

Barnwell County Cemetery

11907 Hwy 278, Barnwell, SC 29812

Barnwell County Ordinance 2022-05-389 was approved by Barnwell County Council on May 10, 2022. Full enforcement of the ordinance will begin Oct. 19, 2022. A main purpose of the ordinance is to enable grounds-keepers to mow and weed-eat the cemetery more effectively and efficiently.

The ordinance includes the following: (For a copy of the ordinance, call (803) 541-1000.

• No plants, trees or shrubs may be planted on any plot, except by the county as part of an approved landscaping plan. The county shall have the right to remove any and all plants, trees and shrubs planted on any plots in violation of these rules.

• Artificial flowers may be used on plots at head stones or plot markers only. No other use of artificial flowers is permitted. Ceramic, concrete, metal, hard plastic or other similar material vases may be used for cut flowers or artificial flowers, if the flowers are changed regularly and well attended. The use of other vases or containers, such as jars, glass vases, tin cans, paper or cardboard, is not permitted. No containers, artificial flowers, wreaths, statues, or other memorial type items shall remain on any plot for more than 60 days, unless incorporated within the headstone. After 60 days, county employees will remove the items.

• The county shall have the right to remove any items constructed on a plot or left on a plot in violation of this ordinance.

Notes regarding enforcement of the ordinance:

1. Cemetery plots with coping and stone chips are exempt from the ordinance, because these plots, for the most part, do not require mowing or weed-eating. Dead or faded flowers and broken statues will be removed.

2. Any plants, trees or shrubs impacting a neighboring plot will be removed.

3. Flag poles, American flags, and benches can remain in the cemetery regardless of where they are located.

4. Regarding plots without coping and stone chips: (1) All statues will be removed unless they are attached to the head stone or otherwise attached permanently to the plot; and (2) All family mementoes will be removed.

Barnwell County Memorial Cemetery

Cemetery Sign

For information on the Barnwell County Memorial Cemetery, please contact Deputy Administrator Meredith Wright at 803-541-1047 or 839-233-6348